Friday, December 16, 2011

Naming our son...

We had quite the time naming our son.  As I am sure most people do.
Being a teacher, I have several names that we just couldn't use due to negative associations.
With my husband having been married before, his daughter from that marriage has quite the extended family so that took several more names out of the running and I was honestly afraid we'd be one of "those" parents who left the hospital with a baby No Name. 
We had very different "styles" as far as what we wanted to go with.  But we finally narrowed it down to a few choices. Parker, Tyler, & Blake.
For middle names, we either wanted to use Dean in honor of my dad, or Paul in honor of my husband's grandpa.
So, one random Saturday night, we were headed out the door to go to dinner, and my husband looks at the list on the fridge and says, "I like Blake".  I had no issues with any of the names on the list, I just wanted to name our little one so I was more than excited when he finally voiced an opinion!
So, I agreed, we high fived and thus, our son was named.
That's right, that's how we roll in Noller Land.  We make stuff official by high fiving!!
I cannot wait to tell Blake this story when he is older. 

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