Friday, December 16, 2011

Save the drama for yo mama

I am apparently on a roll today.  I am so over drama.  One of the things I LOOOOOVE about my husband is his ability to just let things slide.  It's almost annoying sometimes. However I envy him being a dude and being to just let stuff go. 
I am a softie.  Yes.  I am big hearted as well. However, I will only take so much before I break.  When I break, it's not pretty, and it's even not prettier (huh?) being pregnant. 
I really haven't played the pregnancy card throughout the first 8 months (holy crap, when did I get here???) but I will now. 
I will be ugly if I have to and if you're unconcerned with my feelings, then I will be the same way back to you.
Consider yourself warned. (I know, scary, right???)

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