Tuesday, July 22, 2014

#imperfectmoms struggles

In an effort to remain completely transparent, I admit I struggle with feeling adequate.  
I want to make sure I'm a "good enough" mom, stepmom, wife, Christian, teacher, daughter, sister, aunt-you name it.  
I have a hard time allowing myself grace and forgiveness when I mess up. I fret over a lot, a lot more than I should and I fret over things that are inconsequential.  It's easy to say, "Give it to God." But the giving part isn't so easy.  I feel like a burden, like there are so many people with such bigger problems that I shouldn't bother God with it and I'll just handle it-eventually (maybe). 
Don't get me wrong, I don't feel I can handle it all better than God, I just feel I shouldn't "bother" Him with it. 
This has nothing to do with how I was raised in my faith or what my current church practices, this is all on me-for whatever reason.  
So, my first step to being "better" or stronger in all the above areas is to take a page from the Disney book and "Let It Go" (to God). 

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